Weird math and marketing with heart

xo Linda; Friday November 15, 2019

Good morning!

Everyone thinks getting views (traffic, readers) is the hard part. It’s not. Yesterday I posted on Medium. An hour later, I yanked it. Man, I hate that.

Weird math. Did you know the response you get from 10 people will be the same response you get from 1000 people, with a 30% margin of error?

So if 10 people see your post (or web page) and only 2 stick around, the response isn’t going to be stunningly different if 1000 people do. Even with the 30% margin of error.

If the response is middling, a 30% margin of error could swing in your favor. But if it’s pathetic out of the gate? Maybe worth reworking. Which is why I yank posts.

I do it with my site, too. If I create a new page and it’s bouncing like a trampoline, I pull it down and rework. No point prolonging the agony.

Because if you have a site (or Medium profile) full of stuff that doesn’t retain, eventually it costs. To new people, it’s like looking in an empty cupboard.

Getting views isn’t the hard part. Retaining them is.

Here’s what I wrote this week…

On Medium:
Medium promises poets won’t be penalized
The part of the Medium change everyone seems to have missed

On Marketing:
I tested the headlines of the top 20 stories. Only 4 passed.
5 places to build a mailing list, free

On Self Growth
How to tap into your second brain to make better decisions
The only book that ever changed my life

On Feminism:
Ladies, feminism isn’t man bashing
Retired women should get more pension

Thinking out loud…

I created a new publication called Marketing With Heart. My bright idea is to share stories from 23 years in digital marketing. (How is it that long?!) If there’s some part of marketing you’re struggling with, I’d love the writing inspiration.

Grandpapa used to say you scratch my back an’ I’ll scratch yours. Maybe we can use this pub to do some of that. I’m going to post an invite for questions. If you struggle with marketing, you can follow along here: Marketing with Heart

Have a great weekend!