Stupid problem #7. Which book?

This one is a horse of a different color.

Hi again,

Happy Friday. I love Fridays. No client work on the weekends, so lots of time to write. Yay, drafts. Also clean, which I don’t love quite so much. Just the end result, which is kind of a parable on life, if you think about it. :)

Can you believe Christmas is next Wednesday? 5 sleeps as the moppets say. In 12 days, the New Year Bells will ring and it will be 2020 and I still don’t know where 2019 went.

That’s how life goes by, right? And suddenly there we are—an old.

In 2020, I am going to publish 6 books. Which isn’t as lofty as it seems, because most of them are half done, and some more than that. I’ve been pecking away for while.

I’m doing something strange and different this week, because I really need your help.

This will make much more sense very shortly. In 3 minutes, if Medium’s read time is to be believed. You probably read faster than that, so maybe 2 minutes.

Can you give me 2-3 minutes?

I’m finishing this letter on Medium — you’ll understand why once you click.
This is a friend link so everyone can read, even if you’re not a paid member…

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See you over there… It’s unlisted, by the way. Private, just for my readers.
And thank you!