Medium topics and tags aren't the same

Plus, writing tips you can safely ignore and an ode to hot chocolate. :)

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If you write on Medium, have you noticed that topics and tags aren’t always the same?

Topics are how stories get curated. If an editor chooses your story to be curated, it’s based on a topic. You can find all the curation topics, here.

Tags are how you earn top writer status. Tags appear at and some tags (not all) have top writer lists. Like so:

Tags and topics are sometimes the same, but not always.

For example, Feminism is a tag, but not a topic. Women is the related topic, and it’s also a tag. So if you’re writing about feminism, you’ll get better mileage if you tag your story with women and feminism. Make sense?

There’s a fair number of those. Like, LGBTQIA is the curation topic, but the top writer tag is LGBTQ. Same with movies/film, economy/economics and a handful of others.

Are you interested in that kind of info? I’ll be expanding on this and publishing more of Medium tips to Write Before Lunch — why not click over and follow?

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