Important note if you're on Medium

Did you know curation can break? Or about the IRS email?

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Do you write on Medium? If you do, a couple things I ran across yesterday.

1) Did you know curation can break?

Apparently, people have had a story curated, and then the curation broke. First it was curated, then it wasn't. Apparently, if you keep the curation notices they send when the story got curated, you can forward it back to them and they'll fix it. Who knew? Good grief, now I need a folder to save those, I guess.

2) If you’re not in the USA, did you get that IRS email?

Some Medium writers who aren’t in the USA got an email saying they have to pay the IRS 30% on Medium royalties. It was poor wording. Many countries have tax treaties with the USA, and you can fill in the W8-BEN form to invoke the treaty.

I’ll post this at Medium, too, and see if I can find the list of countries. Don’t do what one lady did and delete your account. And if you’re not in the USA, but haven’t received that email, don’t freak out too quickly. More to come.

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