xo Linda

I just don't think you can stand out from the crowd doing exactly what everyone else does.

Oh, you’re here!

Let me tell you a bit about me. Can we talk? I’ve worked in marketing and design for over 20 years. Plus, I write. I’m a copywriter, seo writer and I write on Medium.

There’s so much bad advice out there, sometimes it makes me a little sick. If I followed half the advice I’ve read, I’d have gone out of business years ago. So what do you do? Me, I write. Mostly about marketing and writing, but other stuff, too.

If you’re looking for same old, same old — you won’t find it here.

I don’t email to sell you stuff and you won’t find affiliate links disguised as content. There’s enough people doing that. I write to connect and inspire. To make you think about how we’re doing things and how we can do them better. Hope you’ll join.

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